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Below is the colloquium schedule for 2017:

 No. Presenter and Title Date Time Venue

Dr. Farha Abdol Ghafar

"Employees Perception and Intention to Leave the Organization: A Study on Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Kuala Lumpur"

17/3 3-5pm LR4.9

Dr. Mas Anom Abdul Rashid

"Exploring MARA Social Media Engagement Level and Its Corporate Reputation"

21/4 3-5pm LR4.9

Dr. Kalsom Salleh

"Learning Organization and Knowledge Management in MARA Higher Educational Institutions: Empirical Evidence"

19/5 3-5pm LR4.9

Dr. Sharifah Syahirah Syed Sheikh

"Leadership, Policy and Governance: A Study on Gen Y Perception and Expectation in MARA Higher Education Institutions"

16/6 3-5pm LR4.9

Pn. Roslinda Murad

"Kajian Empirikal terhadap Tahap Risiko Keselamatan Siber di Organisasi MARA"

21/7 3-5pm LR4.9

En. Zaid Mat Yusop

"Fostering and Entrepreneurial Culture: An Exploratory Study of the Entrepreneurial Mindset among MRSM, IKM, KKTM and KPTM Students"

18/8 3-5pm LR4.9

 Dr. Mohd faizal Mohd Arif

"Bird Nest House Monitoring System"

15/9 3-5pm LR4.9